Only the Best Tenants for Your Investment

Owning an investment property comes with a lot of responsibility for owners. Aside from the financial side of paying for an investment there is also the responsibility of providing a safe and liveable property for your tenants.

This means you need to ensure any maintenance required is carried out and so much more. It also means that you need to have correct management of the rental property and all the workings in place. Some investment owners attempt to do these themselves in order to save money but it doesn’t work out for the best in the end.

At Focus Property Management what we recommend is enlisting the services of a professional team, such as ourselves. When you do this you take away the stress you will very likely experience if you run the property yourself. One such task that is highly important but can be stressful and time consuming is tenant selection.

Our tenant selection process is rigorous. From the beginning of the process where potential tenants are shown your property right through to application and approval, the ball is not dropped once by our team. We understand the incredible importance to you and our office, of getting the right tenants in to your property, and keeping them there.

Great tenants make a better investment for you

The value of a good tenant can’t be overlooked. As an investment property owner you will no doubt be looking to increase your wealth through the investment and this can’t be done successfully without your tenants.

Our stringent process means that only reliable tenants will make your investment their home. Rent will be paid on time and the property will be well taken care of. Often it is the reliable tenants who stick to the lease period and often sign on for subsequent leases, staying on longer and further benefitting your investment.

When you don’t have to worry about the day to day running of a rental property and know there are dependable tenants in place, your investment becomes relatively hassle free. You can concentrate on paying the mortgage, rates and other costs involved and enjoy the benefit of the extra income.

The longevity that we at Focus Property Management have enjoyed is a testament to our commitment toward offering the best management possible. We don’t take short cuts in our role and assure our owners and tenants of the best services in town.

For more information on how we can help your investment work at its peak for you, contact our office today.

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