How To Make A Rental Your Castle

One of the most common issues that renters have is that they don’t feel like the house or unit they are living in is home. This issue can be especially exacerbating if you happen to be living in a small space.
Focus Property Management understand how important it is to create an environment that you find comforting and inviting. To this end we advise all our property owners to ensure their colour choices are as neutral as possible. White, cream, beige, even a latte colour on the walls with window furnishings in a similar colour will always provide a much more pleasing result and can co-ordinate far better with any décor. Obviously, paint on the walls and window furnishings fall into the property owner’s domain but there are plenty of things a tenant can do to make your home look larger with these simple décor suggestions.

Making Space in a Cramped Home

An easy technique to use is to continue the monochromatic look with light coloured furnishings and rugs.
The careful placement of mirrors can make a room look larger and also brings in more light. Check to see what you might see reflected in a mirror before you decide on its permanent spot.
Choose furniture that is on thin raised legs rather than big chunky pieces that have wide armrests, deep seats or go to the floor. Add lighting at different levels. Harsh overhead lighting can create many shadows. Floor lamps add mood and throw your shadows upwards. Invest in coffee tables or ottomans that provide hidden storage options. You can buy some really great under bed storage items now as well. Use co-ordinating or contrasting floor rugs to either bring a room together or define separate areas of a particular room. 

Take down the curtains

If you have a room that opens to a private part of the garden why not take the curtains down altogether and let the light and outside in? When all else fails – declutter. It is amazing how we can accumulate items that really mean very little for us. Having a spring clean will not only open up your rooms to more space. It will lighten your mental load as well.

We hope these great tips show that you can convert any home, even a rental property, into your castle.

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