Crows Nest A Great Nesting Place for Renters

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Some renters find that some Sydney suburbs are out of their reach financially and so look to the more affordable areas to make their homes. At Focus Property Management we have quality listings in all areas that cater for all different budgets.

Finding the right place to live, based on your wants and needs, is important if you plan on settling in one place for some time. Often, not enough research is done to find

Smoke Alarms in Tenanted Properties a Dual Responsibility

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Have you ever been preparing a meal in the kitchen that generated more smoke than usual? Have you hurriedly knocked the smoke alarm with a broom handle to stop it making that eardrum-piercing noise? Were you responsible enough to restore the smoke alarm to its operational status once the smoke had dispersed?

Installed Smoke Alarms must be Operational

Unfortunately, in that scenario some people forget that their alarm is not functioning, and leave themselves without

Property Managers Appreciate Honesty

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Most of the disputes between landlords and tenants centre on the condition of the property and unfortunately for letting managers, they are in a “no-win” situation between the two parties. Now, new information supports the view that most problems could be sorted out if everyone involved just told the truth. Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, telling lies to the letting manager just confuses the issue and makes mediation very difficult.

Thorough Initial

Choosing a Rental Manager? Ask Lots of Questions

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Before you place your newly purchased real estate investment in the hands of professional property manager, are you satisfied that you have the right person to look after this extremely valuable asset? Research shows that investors are too careless when selecting property managers and the result can be financially devastating for them. While they expect professional management to thoroughly screen tenants, they don’t do a similar process before making their selection.

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