Renting out a Home in Sydney? Know your Entry Rights as a Lessor

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As a lessor, you should be aware that tenants are entitled to peace, privacy, and comfort in their rented home. However, under the right circumstances and as long as notice is properly given, you have the right to drop by and inspect your property. The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No 42 is the main law or Act stipulating the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants including rules of entry and privacy that tenants and

Professional, Ethical, Respectful, Trustworthy

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If you are looking for professional property management Alexandria then you need go no further than Focus Property Management.

As long term property management specialists in the 10 kilometre radius of Sydney, Focus Property Management possess of wealth of knowledge that sets us up as leaders in the industry who are able to deliver the best there is in service and care.

We appreciate that the majority of our property owners are in this market

Renovating a Rental Property

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We all choose different ways to improve our financial situation and build a nest egg for the future. Property investment is one of them.

Reality says that an investor buys a property with the view to making money. There is no doubt or question about this. It is a business transaction will always be a business transaction.

If you live in a rental situation the chances of your abode being renovated could be pretty slim

Sublime Inner City Living

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It’s true there are many conveniences to renting a property as opposed to buying one.

For many the dream of buying a home is not necessarily out of their reach but not even on their radar.

Fewer than 30% of us have chosen to rent over buying a property. For some this may be budget driven and for others it is a lifestyle choice.

If you are looking for astute property management then you know

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