Tips For Renting Your First Home

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There could be any number of reasons why you are about to rent your first home in Sydney. You may have just come of age and are looking to leave the nest, sold a property and looking for a rental or you may be new to Sydney where the rules could be different from where you originated.

Whatever the reason, if you have reached this page you are headed in the right direction, towards Focus

Changes You Can Make to Rentals

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When you rent with our friendly team at Focus Property Management you may find there are some things about your home you would like to change. Most of the items that were on your list for the perfect place might be ticked but there may be one or two items that fall short for you.

When this happens it might be tempting to go ahead and change the things you don’t like but in a

People Managers as well as Property Managers

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Now that you’ve found the best property manager in Sydney, you can relax knowing that we are on the job and looking after your interests to the best of our ability.

Here at Focus Property Management we know the legislation inside out and are able to protect you and your interests whilst continuing to correctly maintain the property you call home.

You can rest assured knowing that we will attend to leaking taps, blocked

Run Your Investment According to Plan

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The number of first time home buyers who are buying to invest is on the rise. In some cases this is because first time home buyers want to buy a property but can’t afford to live in it; the solution is to rent out and have a tenant help cover the costs.

There are a few advantages to doing this, the first being that you get onto the property ladder. Other benefits are that you

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