Choosing Your First Rental As A Couple

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It is an old saying, but the one about not knowing a person until you live with them is as true today as it ever was. Keep this foremost in your mind if you are moving in with a partner for the first time, and looking for rental accommodation. That warm glow could soon be a cold shoulder without a little preparation before consulting the rental adverts.

Address Emotional Issues and the Rest is Easy

When Big Property Is Just Not Your Style

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We've all heard the song that has the lyrics Give me land, Lots of land.

Well the truth is that this dream is a wonderful dream but it's not for everybody.

It may not even be for you just at this particular time in your life. Even a small block can be a hindrance sometimes.

So what do you do when you need to find somewhere to live and you don't want the hassles or

Selling A Rental Property - Tenants VS Landlord

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Oh Dear! You've just discovered that your landlord wants to sell the house you have been happily renting.

Perhaps you were thinking of moving on anyway, but more than likely you are now faced with the dilemma of moving when you really had no intentions of it.

So how can you manoeuvre through this unscathed? You must first understand that there are rules that govern how each party must behave in this situation.

Once the

Doing Right By Your Tenants

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If you are a rental property owner you will no doubt want the best property managers and reliable tenants in place. At Focus Property Management we can assist you in both of these areas.

We provide outstanding property management services to our clients and fully screen each and every one of our rental applicants so we can be sure that only the most suitable tenants will be living in your investment.

Of course, if you

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