100% Bond Back Every Time

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What does it take for a tenant to get 100% of their bond back every time?

For us the answer is simple but Focus Property Management have been in the business for so long we know exactly what to expect and do so well, we could do it in our sleep.

Here are the basics a good tenant would follow.

To The Letter of the Law

Generally, a tenant will inspect a property once or

The Lowdown on Fair Wear and Tear

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When inspections are carried out or end of lease exit reports are executed there can sometimes be some confusion for tenants about the difference between fair wear and tear. Unfortunately, when this is the case disputes can break out over bond repayments or extra repairs and cleaning that may be required.

Preventing the issue before it happens

At Focus Property Management we are focused on our role of being efficient property managers and we give

Upstairs or Downstairs: Choosing the Right Rental Apartment for You

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All tenants are different. There are various preferences, needs and lifestyles to consider and what might be the perfect rental for one tenant is not perfect for another. At Focus Property Management we have many great apartments listed for rent and each will boast something that makes it stand out from another.

The trick to securing the best apartment for you so that you are thrilled to get home every day is in understanding the

Is Property the Best Investment?

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There are a couple of different options to invest in these days that people can try their hand at. The reasons why people invest are varied. Some wish to retire earlier, work less or simply earn more. Whatever the reason for investing it is important to investigate which avenue is best as each situation is different.

At Focus Property Management we believe that if you have done the research into choosing the right property teamed

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