Finding The Seasoned Professional

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Are you tired of having your investment property mismanaged by people who just don’t care? Have you perhaps noticed the staff turnover of your appointed management firm is a little high and you seem to be dealing with a different “sole representative” every twelve months or so?

It’s true that the real estate management industry can have a larger than normal staff turnover. This business can be quite stressful and it takes a very dedicated

What Makes A Great Property Manager?

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Property management can be a challenging field to forge a career.

It is a true art for a property manager to be able to walk the line between property owner and tenant and walk away unscathed.

This is because the renting of property can be an emotive topic as both landlord and tenant alike will see their lease arrangement through completely different eyes. Their own.

Core Traits

To us, the characteristics of a great property

When Tenants Don't Pay The Rent

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In a perfect world, everyone does the right thing and nothing ever goes wrong. But we don’t live in a perfect world. There are always risks of things going wrong, even in property investment.

The worry that something will go amiss while there are tenants living in your investment are valid but the risk can be greatly limited by getting a great management team on your side.

Our team at Focus Property Management are highly

Creating Storage Space In Rentals

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Sometimes when you are renting you will feel that the home is lacking in some areas. Some people might feel that their bathroom is small while everything else is perfect for them, others may have preferred a bigger kitchen.

In many cases one of the most common things renters would change about the homes they rent is the storage space. We have all been there, just about every box on the list is ticked but

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