Investment Properties under Management show Increased Returns

by Bernie Mitchell.

Placing their rental property or properties under management is one of the smartest steps the astute investor will make. Freed from the burden of finding suitable tenants, arranging inspections, preparing the proper rental documentation, collecting the rent and keeping the properties maintained, many people with growing property portfolios have recognized that taking their hands off has given them time to do other things.

Breaking it Gently: Tips for Early Termination of a Rental Agreement

by Bernie Mitchell.

Despite your best intentions when signing a rental property agreement, circumstances change, and there’s sometimes a need to break the agreement early. Your right to do this is part of the Residential Tenancies Act. The experts at Focus Property Managementbelieve you can make this a simple and relatively painless process by understanding the requirements and communicating clearly with your landlord or agent.


Tips on Finding the Right Rental Property for Investment

by Bernie Mitchell.

Due to the continuous increase in demand for properties for rent in the country, investing in rental property is turning out to be a highly viable idea. However, there are a few key considerations when choosing a property to rent out. Rental properties are not always guaranteed to be profitable. In fact, there are chances that you might lose money investing in rental property. A lot of the income and profit depend on the strategy that one adopts in the housing market.

Mortgage Stress: the Lurking Demon in your Property Dream

by Bernie Mitchell.

Most people talk glibly about the property boom and bust cycle without considering the implications for their own lives and businesses. Australia’s property boom has driven property values to levels amongst the highest in the world. On the back of a strong economy, low unemployment, a resources boom, generous first home owners’ grants and low mortgage rates, Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics says people have been tempted to “mortgage to the hilt”.

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