Good Investment Properties Deserve Good Management

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Over the past decade property management has emerged from the shadows of the real estate industry and is now a professional industry on its own. It is relied upon heavily by investors to maximise the income from their rental properties and equally by renters looking for the ideal place to call home.

Unfortunately, many investors take no care at all in selecting a manager to look after their investment. They hand over what is effectively

Price and Suburbs Are On the Move

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Property investors have been rubbing their hands together with glee following the Reserve Bank decision to keep interest rates at 2.5 per cent. They have enjoyed increasing real estate values over the past year and with the cost of borrowing remaining the same, they are ready to step back into the market with acquisitions on their mind.

Limited Supply and Increasing Demand Driving Prices

Generally most investors are looking for solid performing suburbs providing good

Property Manager vs. Strata Manager - Not Even Close

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There are many terminologies in real estate that cause confusion to people who have not had contact with them before. Some of the properties we manage are in the hands of ordinary investors who have built their portfolios in the home rental market and have no experience of owning a unit in an apartment complex. When they do make their first purchase in this increasingly popular living arrangement, they are confused about the concept and

Costly Renovations Unnecessary for Rental Properties

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Renovating is one of those projects that can be very successful or can end in disaster. The difference between the two opposing results appears to be two-fold. Firstly, the renovator must have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with a fixed budget and secondly, the project must have been planned at the outset and not allowed to just evolve. In the case of a rental property, it is even more important to keep to

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