Only the Best Tenants for Your Investment

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Owning an investment property comes with a lot of responsibility for owners. Aside from the financial side of paying for an investment there is also the responsibility of providing a safe and liveable property for your tenants.

This means you need to ensure any maintenance required is carried out and so much more. It also means that you need to have correct management of the rental property and all the workings in place. Some investment

How To Make A Rental Your Castle

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One of the most common issues that renters have is that they don’t feel like the house or unit they are living in is home. This issue can be especially exacerbating if you happen to be living in a small space.
Focus Property Management understand how important it is to create an environment that you find comforting and inviting. To this end we advise all our property owners to ensure their colour choices are as neutral

Depreciation – A Great Tool For The Investor

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As you gain more knowledge of the industry of property investment, the purchase of property for rental, that is, you gain more understanding of the scope of your investment. Many people are unaware that the expense of purchasing property is not the only expense you can claim when that purchase is for investment purposes.

  • You are able to claim the interest that is charged on the loan.
  • You can claim for the cost of a

General Repairs Versus Added Improvements

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As a home owner you understand the importance of ensuring that your property is well maintained and that it continues to present itself in its best light. If you are an investor this is doubly true. An investment only proves to be a good one if you do not let your asset get so run down that it prices itself way below its market value.

This is why it is so important that we conduct

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